We insist on delivering high quality solutions

Do you want direct access to a solid knowledge-base of the Nordic FMCG market? Use us and gain the opportunity of choosing between a wide range of services designed to support your sales, boost your marketing and increase your business insights.

To best assist you, we are constantly at the forefront of development both nationally and internationally.

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Increase your sales

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Branding your product

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Experience and innovation is key

Development is not a solitary endeavour - and we are privileged to develop our business alongside our customers. This means that you will always get the utmost performance from us - and that you are part of deciding our focus.

When we are not busy working with you, we participate in workshops, trade shows and lectures, all of which help consolidate our position as the top provider within our field. At DLF, a commercial community of suppliers for Dansk Detail (Danish Retail), we utilise our partnership to keep on top of everything that is going on in the Danish retail market - to your benefit of course.

We want you to know us for:

• Our in-depth retail knowledge and our result-oriented culture

• The transparency in our work and the close-knit relations to our freelancers

• Our workflow and persistent innovation and development

European cooperation

No matter if you move on the national or international scene, we can assist you in your branding and sales activities, bringing our European cooperation: Sales Services International to the table.

You will gain access to our international cooperation partners, benefitting from their many years’ experience - and use us as your ‘one-point-of-contact’ on any activities you conduct in several countries at once.


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