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It starts with an idea. It might just be yours, but it does not have to be that way. Are you looking for guidance from A to Z to ensure a consumer experience to be remembered?

If you know how to deploy events, you can achieve both increased brand awareness and a sense of community with the consumers, which is very hard to mimic using other types of marketing.



From idea to finished event

At RelationMedia we handle the task from initial idea, over the design and planning to executing the event. All you need to do is participate in a start-up meeting where we define the goals for the individual campaign. Once you have chosen the setup you love, we will do the rest.

How do you measure return on investment? Let us help you define the right points to measure. It could be the number of contacts we have achieved or how many samples we distributed.

Another way is to get testimonials from the contacts, where we make sure to ask them about the experience while the event is taking place. All of this is compiled in a report, which you will receive once your event is finished. Should you wish it, we will also send you professional pictures and videos from the event.

Unlock successful events with the creative key

For years, we have assisted Quaker in promoting their cereal brand Rugfras at an annual Scandinavian event called iForm løbene (an amateur running event).

Quaker has relied on us to generate ideas and develop concepts as well as executing the events. They brought us along for the entire process, ensuring a powerful setup in Denmark and Sweden

To our customers, it is vital that they can leave everything to us. If you are already working with an ad-agency, it is natural to draw on them for creative thinking. This lands you with a ton of excellent ideas, but few agencies offer a level of hands-on experience matching our many years in the business.

Do you want to be certain that your good idea ends up as an event participants will remember for years to come? Then choose a full package partner. We know how to get consumers lining up to try a surfboard, chasing the ultimate summer prize  - and we deliver a report you can actually use afterwards.


Events for all purposes

Use events for pure product branding purposes or to ensure a stand-out customer event. Give your customers an inspiring trip, where we plan the day, invite the guests and make sure all elements are present to make the day extraordinary.

Take to the golf-course with a select customer group or shower them with good music and draught beer under the beeches in Skanderborg - where incidentally Denmark’s most beautiful music festival SmukFest takes place every year. There are plenty of possibilities to go the extra mile in ensuring a close future relationship.


Doritos canon at Smukfest

For the second year running, we kicked off the party with Doritos and reached potential consumers with a bang


Read the case here


Be inspired by our other customers

Great experiences is your shortcut to the consumers’ hearts. Use events for building knowledge and preferences for your brand. We help you generate great ideas and stay with you every step of the way until your events are executed. View a selection of the activities, we have helped other customers succeed with.




Get up close and personal with your customers


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