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An increasing amount of companies have to decide: do they keep up their number of in-house sales reps, who have more tasks than just selling? One thing is for certain, keeping both sales reps, service consultants and merchers in-house simply is not cost-effective.

What can you do, when you know that supermarkets have also cut back on staff?


How do you use the external sales force?

Above all, you need to be clear on what kind of solution you need. We can help you determine which tasks a sales force can solve for you - and how to combine this with other services if required.

RelationMedia can deliver staff ranging from hourly paid merchandisers who are on site when campaigns are afoot, ensuring that the shelves are stocked; permanent service consultants ensuring your daily product maintenance; to junior and full-time sales reps.

Some of our customers have hired a sales force that handles all direct sales in the supermarkets, e.g. selling additional product presentations or displays. They also make sure your contracts are met in the individual supermarkets, e.g. that everything is ready for your event or that the stock is increased when your products are on sale.

It may seem a little daunting, and you may not need it all. Depending on the staff you have in-house, we can supplement your existing sales organisation or deliver a complete sales force catering to your every need.

Build your own sales force

Choose the easy solution which is to let us handle the day-to-day contact with the sales employees. This way all you have to do is inform us about which supermarkets you are working with, which campaigns are on in a specific week and what else you might need. We will handle the daily coordination of your sales force.

Let the sales force run in your own brand. The employees that visit the shops and supermarkets are paid by us but your customers will meet them as your ambassadors representing your brand.

Or choose a near-identical solution in which you handle the daily coordination. We make sure your sales force is kitted out with cars, are paid on time and that any and all practical aspects are in place. (link til Unilever-case? - oversætter vi disse?)

The final option is to use us ad hoc. Maybe you want a sales force to visit certain shops - a very attractive solution when a brand is trying to gain a foothold on a new market. Hire employees by the hour to sell your product and decide for yourself how to proceed if your demands change.





Construct your dream sales force!

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