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At Arla, there is no doubt who is their preferred supplier when it comes to executing their activities at their nationwide product launches.

Kirsten Gehlert, Senior Customer Marketing Consultant, says: “For the most part, all our demos and samplings are handled by RelationMedia. We also use them for ad hoc commissions when we need extra assistance in the shops, e.g. merchers and similar.”

At Arla, there is no doubt who is their preferred supplier when it comes to executing their activities at their nationwide product launches.
Kirsten Gehlert, Senior Customer Marketing Consultant

Sparring results in creative development

Kirsten Gehlert continues: “RelationMedia has participated in our creative development, providing ideas for what kind of activities are ideal for the shops. In reality, they assist us in many different ways.”

When Arla decides to deploy RelationMedia is up to the individual product launch. “Sometimes, they participate in the creative development, other times not. If they do, it is usually 2-3 months before the activity is executed. If not, we ask them to join at a later stage - although I worry it is a bit too late, but that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes.” says Kirsten Gehlert with half a smile.

Arla finds much extra value in the cooperation with RelationMedia. In pounds and pennies the value is primarily found in their work in the shops where the activities are held. But this is not the only place, Arla experiences a difference.

Kirsten Gehlert explains: “Internally, the value is in their competences and ability to juggle as many balls as we throw at them, landing everything sensibly. RelationMedia excels at execution. They get things done quickly and efficiently and ensure that we reach as many consumers as possible. Add to that that they know the shops really well, and you know their true strength.”

User insights

In-depth knowledge of your target group is key when you are working with the development and design of products and marketing.

Based on your target group and brand, RelatioMedia hosts focus groups to provide a nuanced and in-depth perspective into the target group’s behaviour and needs.

The study is adapted to fit your individual requirements and is an ideal tool to uncover:

  • The potential for new products
  • The source of any resistance to a product
  • Trend spotting and target group developments
  • The most efficient promotion activities


Hand-in-hand on the digital journey

One thing in particular is valuable to Kirsten Gehlert: “In a busy organisation, RelationMedia is able to take over and support my work. They possess many different competences in house, which they deploy to our satisfaction in a number of different ways.”

The competences came into play in the summer of 2016, when Arla decided to join the latest trend. It happened in the middle of Kirsten Gehlert’s summer holiday and immediate action was of the essence.

She explains: “We needed to deploy Pokèmons in the shops. It was the thing to do at that time. RelationMedia quickly came to grips with the assignment and helped me figure out how to make it happen in a short span of time. To me, this is a perfect example of how RelationMedia got me out of a pinch, managed to get many activities launched and succeeded in the endeavour.”

The future holds plenty of new tasks. “We are going to give the entire creative cycle a once over, including how to digitise our work in the shops. We have already discussed the possibility of uncovering the consumers’ digital journey with RelationMedia. How to achieve this in the most clever manner remains to be seen, and I can’t wait to get started.” Kirsten Gehlert concludes.

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