A recurring festival favourite

For the second year in a row, we brought the eye-popping Doritos canon to the Danish music festival SmukFest..

The canon spread joy and happiness, showering happy festival dwellers with Doritos Nacho Cheese and Doritos Sweet Chili Peppers.


Parading the camp sites

What tops Doritos when you are having fun in your festival camp or nursing a hangover?

We participated in the parade “Fest til Hest” that set out every single day of the festival offering free bar for all.The concept is simple. The horse drawn carriage visits one campsite a day hosting two Happy Hours. One day a camp that had struggled with e.g. rain was chosen, another day the parade visited a camp that had won a competition.

The Doritos canon was a perfect supplement, adding that little something extra to the happy hour with its flying crisp bags.



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Handled the practicalities and delivered a party


At such an event, the amount of practical details is extensive; coordinating with the festival, producing all manner of branding and materials,  sample and canon logistics and choosing the perfect staff ready to party. We handle all of this.  

The canon provided Doritos with a new and fun way to reach potential customers, it was a massive hit and a great conversation piece at the festival.

Ready to party with us next year?

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