28,000 brought home Rugfras

Rugfras is the main sponsor when iFORM hosts jogging events in Denmark and Sweden every summer. Using RelationMedia, Rugfras (the rye version of Quaker’s oatmeal squares) activated participants and spectators before, during and after the races - and created a SoMe hype for the brand.

We sampled 28,000 mini product packs and had competitive participants rushing in to win the awesome prizes and bring home a memory from the day from the fun photobooth trailer. They got a unique snapshot of the event and an experience for free.

Healthy process ensures success

For several years, Rugfras has used RelationMedia as their coordinator and contact point for the brand activation activities in relation to the iFORM races. As a member of SSI we are able to act as their one-point-of-contact for their Scandinavian activities - a fact that has made a real difference for Rugfras.

Using a firmly based concept, we are able to attract positive attention about Rugfras every year, when the iFORM races are held in Denmark and Sweden.

For this purpose we work with a solid process. Based on initial research we created a concept, handled the design process and production of all materials as well as found the right employees. Once the last event was over, Rugfras received a comprehensive report listing the final results.

Photobooth caravan

The Rugfras activation is based on an unrefined design, unrefined materials and activities allowing the participants to test their strength. People took on the challenge of who was fastest at placing kettlebells of various weights on tree trunks.

After every iFORM race, we tributed a top three of women and men. The winner got a luxurious track suit from Newline, while the runner up and third place were awarded a year’s consumption of Rugfras.
The photobooth caravan was stacked with gimmicks, making it extra fun to take home a unique souvenir. Rumours quickly spread and the photobooth and swanky prizes had the many visitors push the experience on Instagram - which boosted advertising for the brand and event alike.

Branding on several levels

Besides the many activities in and around the booth, Quaker enlisted RelationMedia to support the campaign and branding on several levels.

Rugfras is a fixture in many Danish households, but many do not know that the product is part of a larger family. The event provided Quaker with the opportunity of branding their other products alongside Rugfras.

The many race participants were cheered on right across the finish line by volunteers, waving encouraging signs that we had designed and produced specifically for this event. Along with banners and beach flags set up on the final meters and next to the finish line the many joggers were exposed to Rugfras from several angles.

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